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Classics - Breakfast
San Luis Obispo



Omelette Cheese:American Add Blue Cheese Crumbles +$1Cheddar Feta +$0.50Pepperjack Provolone Swiss
Omelette Flller Options:Avocado +$1Bell Peppers Jalapenos Onions Spinach Tomato No Fillers
Omelette Protein Options:Bacon +$2Chicken +$2Country Sausage +$2Ham +$2Jalapeno Bacon +$2Linguica +$2Tri Tip +$2Veganrizo +$2
Breakfast Mod:Extra Bacon +$2Bacon Crispy Sub Sausage Sub Ham Add Jalapeno +$0.75Add Salsa +$0.50
Toast Options:Sourdough Wheat White Bread No Toast
Server Notes:Do Not make! See server Lettuce Wrapped Allergy 2 Plates Extra Plate Side of ranch